Payment Plans

We have two options available to our valued patients to access funding for treatment. Please contact them directly or visit their websites to ensure you obtain as much information as possible or feel free to call us on 8244 3144 to enquire.

Please be aware that any applications must be submitted and approved at least 48 hours before your scheduled dental appointment, as we do require payment at time of treatment.

Gem Visa

Gem Visa offer flexible patient payment plans, specifically designed for healthcare expenses, that make it easier for you and your family to get the treatment or procedures you want and need. Gem Visa provides our patients with the opportunity to pay off their dental treatment in monthly instalments. Welcare Dental can offer anywhere from 6 - 24 month interest free on your dental treatment when purchased with a Gem Visa account. The interest free period is based on the cost of your treatment plan, please again ensure that you read the disclosure statements, policies and terms and conditions carefully to ensure that this is a suitable option for you.

To apply online please click here

Welcare Dental Interest free plan

This option is only available to patients receiving orthodontic treatment at Welcare Dental Clinic. To enquire please call us on 8244 3144

Child Dental Benefits Scheme

Bulk Billed dentistry for eligible children and teens.

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule was introduced by the Australian Government to provide financial assistance to families and encourage children and teenagers to care for their oral health and to introduce them to preventive care solutions by having regular examinations and hygiene appointments.

Our fees :

These are not the only services we offer but just a guide to these common procedures:

Initial Examination / Emergency Examination : $49

First Braces Consult : No charge

Scale and Clean ( including Polish and Fluoride treatment) : $140

Small X ray : $39

White fillings: From $120

Extractions : From $140

Root canal Treatment : From $800

Teeth Whitening : $250